In the Beginning….

Man standing by the shoreOpening a Bed and Breakfast has been a long journey over many years. It is something I always wanted to do and all my previous travel and experience has culminated in the design and character of my home. Now don’t get me wrong, I did not wake up one day and say “Eureka, I am going to open a B and B”.

It started with the location. I lived in Virginia Beach many years ago and one day in the newspaper there was an article about a man named Dickie Foster and his dream to build a golf course on the Eastern Shore near Cape Charles. I had driven by Cape Charles on my way to Chincoteague and was curious about the town and the golf course so I came to visit.

View of a harbor

 There was nothing here! Nothing! The “marina” was some broken down buildings and the existing golf course was so small. How was Foster going to make his dream happen. This I had to see. The town was declared a historic site so nothing could be torn down. Where would people stay? Then I had an “Aha” moment. That was the beginning of plan. I loved old houses and the challenge of restoration and since you could not tear down any old houses in town and you could not build a new hotel that left one option – a Bed and Breakfast.

2 thoughts on “In the Beginning….

  1. Absolutely love this place!!!…from the inviting front porch, and beautiful entrance foyer to each tastefully-decorated room. I was hooked. The baths are large and warmly and graciously equipped.

    The breakfast was delicious and the owner is a delight as well as very knowledgeable and helpful. We highly recommend this B&B

    • Thank you Nancy for your thoughtful comments. I am glad you enjoyed yourself. Hope to see you again this summer.

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